Bernhard Romberg:
The Complete Cello Sonatas

Hannah Holman, cello

Réne Lecuona, piano

From the Liner Notes:

Bernhard Romberg belongs to a family of virtuosos almost forgotten
for their musical contributions, and better remembered for their brilliant
and effortless command of instrumental technique.

Romberg’s music represents the pivotal bridge between the Classical
and Romantic eras. During his time Romberg was viewed both as a
pedagogical composer who pioneered the growth of cello technique
and construction, and a cello virtuoso, possessing a technique of solid
mastery and brilliance. Read complete liner notes
~ Brett Alkire

I would like to dedicate this project to my beloved teacher, the late
Mr. Louis Potter. I so fondly remember studying three of these sonatas
with him in his basement studio in East Lansing, Michigan. The
sonatas were a wonderful stepping stone along my journey of
understanding music, cello technique, and humanity--and bringing it all
together. Thank you, Mr. Potter.  Read complete liner notes

~ Hannah Holman

CD design by Theresa Black
Photos by Tom Langdon

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